Year 5

We really love reading books that help us to explore different topics in all subjects, take us on journeys through new worlds and cultures and help us to build up our vocabulary. Our English curriculum follows a book-led approach, where children will read high quality texts to inspire creative writing. 

Reading is a passion of mine and I hope to develop this love of reading in all of the Y5 pupils.

Our maths curriculum explores key concepts in a variety of ways with plenty of challenge to promote deeper thinking and understanding.

We rely heavily on knowing our multiplication and related division facts, using and applying these skills to solve a wide range of problems throughout the Y5 maths curriculum – so plenty of practice on TT Rockstars is recommended.

This year, we will explore the world through our History and Geography topics, looking at Earth’s different biomes such as the Rainforst, learning about the Ancient Islamic Civilisation and the Vikings!

We take every opportunity to develop our artistic talents through Art, Music and Design Technology which allow us to build and develop our crucial creativity and evaluative skills. As scientists, we enjoy finding out about other scientists and inventors and the impact that they have had on the world we know today. Our work through PSHE enables us to responsibly discuss key goals, dilemmas and scenarios and gives us the opportunity to offer mature solutions through respectful debate.Throughout the year, we will deepen our understanding of the world’s religions.

Celebrating Success

At Beaumont, we believe in celebrating the success of our pupils at every suitable opportunity, from the smallest to the grandest achievement. We know that positive reinforcement is an important part of each pupil’s personal growth and it is something we are proud to facilitate.

Dojo Points

The children are awarded Dojo points for good work and effort, good behaviour, achievement or by showing good manners to teachers and their peers. You will be given the opportunity to see these points build up instantly through the Dojo App. At 50 points marker, your child receives a GOLDEN sticker from the Headteacher

As teachers we are always thrilled when a child or group of children obtain a personal best, do something extraordinary or show great community spirit.


At Beaumont, we are keen to promote a lifelong love of reading and want to encourage the children in any way we can. We encourage our children to read widely and often; rewarding reading behaviours. This may be for recommending a book to a friend, sharing a book review, trying a different genre, increasing the amount of time spent reading or talking confidently about the books read. Children can receive certificates and badges which are presented in assemblies and take home the Reading Dog Basket which is a real treat!


Please ensure that children come to school with their book bags and reading records every day.

Please see our News and Events section for reminders of events taking place.

All home learning is sent out on a Wednesday.

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Class Teacher

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Teaching Assistant

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