UK Parliament Week

Pupils at Beaumont Primary School have been celebrating democracy in a week dedicated to National UK Parliament Week. Children have been taking part in activities such as creating artwork and learning how to debate issues.

The week began with an assembly in which Chris Green MP talked about the upcoming General Election and answered questions from children, who enthusiastically told him who they would vote for in the future.

The local MP then helped judge a competition- ‘The Great Beaumont Bake Off’. Parents and children joined together to bake an array of sweet delights with a British and Parliament theme. Bethany Crooks, Khadijah Jiva and the Badat family won three £10 book tokens.

The pupils have also spent time in their classes debating whether school uniform should be worn at Beaumont or replaced with the children’s own clothes. This culminated into a special ‘Big Beaumont Debate’ where nominated spokespersons across school acted as MP’s (under the guidance of their very own House of Commons Speaker, Alex Chadwick) and debated the children’s views in front of the whole school. It was a mixed response when the votes came in but the majority of children were in favour of keeping the current school uniform as it was ‘comfortable’, ‘practical’ and ‘made you feel part of the Beaumont Family’.

Children across school also created artwork in a range of media, depicting iconic images of Parliament, that contributed to a whole school Parliament Display.