UK Parliament Week 2022

Pupils at Beaumont Primary School have been celebrating one of our British Values – democracy in a week dedicated to National UK Parliament Week organised by Parliament Teacher Ambassador, Kelly Sullivan.

Pupils took part in activities such as creating artwork and learning how to debate issues. The children love these activites and we always encourge active participation.

The week began with an assembly learning about the works of Parliament with an education outreach officer from Parliament Education. The children learnt all about how Parliament was made up of the Houses of Commons, House of Lords and the monarchy. 

Year 6 then took part in an in-class workshop focused on party politics and manifestos. We always think carefully how we can develop children’s understanding of democracy by having more progressive activities during the week.

Local Bolton West MP Chris Green and local councillor and school Governor Anne Galloway also visited school to meet with School Parliament and answer their many questions about life as an MP such as ‘what impact have you had in Bolton during your time as MP?’ and ‘Do you think you would make a better Prime Minister than Rishi Sunak?’. What do you think he may have said?  

During the rest of the week, children across school were challenged to create a piece of artwork linked to the theme ‘Parliament’ and submitted their entries to be judged by Chris Green. The variety of art is below in one of th epictures, can you spot Rishi?

The winners were:

3rd place – Alistair Y6 with a sculpture of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak,

2nd place Unaysah in Y3 with a model that depicted the landmarks of London,

1st place went to Aaizah in Y1 who created a visually stunning painting of a Houses of Parliament firework scene.

Thank you to all who tooke part, your designs were a delight to look at!

To embed learner’s understanding further, pupils across school also spent time in their reading lessons learning more about the workings of Parliament using the Parliament Education resources. In their English lessons, children took time to debate a range of topics with Year 3 holding their debate with their link school connection in India! Democracy in action!

Year 5 also enjoyed a special ‘Lords Live’ session provided by ‘Parliament Education’ where they were able to connect with Baroness Janet Fookes from the House of Lords and ask her many questions that they had prepared to find out more about the role of the House of Lords within Parliament.

Once again, a wonderful week of engaging and exciting celebrations of all things Parliament at Beaumont!

British Values is high priority at Beaumont Primary School.