Laboratory School

Beaumont Primary School is honoured to be a “Laboratory School”.  This prestigious link with the University of Bolton stems from a concept originally developed in the USA.

There are five areas in particular where the University of Bolton Laboratory School will exemplify the principles and best of practice of the Laboratory School concept:

  1. The exemplification of research-based classroom practice.
  2. As a setting for peer-to-peer learning and professional development.
  3. As a display and example of the practices and management arrangements associated with Instructional Leadership.
  4. Building capacity through networking by collaborating with other schools and partners to improve the quality of teaching and learning.
  5. Providing a site for the research into educational practice both for Masters & Doctoral degrees as well as funded research projects.

Click here to read more about our link with the University of Bolton’s Laboratory School and click here to read a news article featuring our school in the local press.