Road Safety Ambassadors


Dear Parents and Carers,


We are writing to you today to tell you about the good work we are doing to keep the children at Beaumont and St Bernard’s safe around school. We are very proud of our links as neighbours and we have noticed that road safety around school is an area we need to work on together.

We are Isaac and Afaaf from Beaumont and Lili and Noah from St Bernard’s and we are the Road Safety Ambassadors team. This is a continued role and we are working with the Road Safety Team from Bolton Council, and we have lots of ideas.

We would like to ask you all for your help to continue to make the journeys to and from school as safe as possible. Mrs Postle and Mrs Doodson have assured us that they will help us to keep school safe. Together, the Road Ambassadors, our head teachers and all the parents can make a real difference to the safety of our friends at each school.

Each term we will tackle issues to promote road safety among the pupils in both schools. Our first aim is to raise awareness of the theme ‘Be Bright Be Seen’. The clocks will be going back and it will be getting darker sooner. Before long it will be darker when we are coming to school and going home. We will be running competitions, presenting in assemblies and promoting road safety around school.

We hope you help us and support our ideas, we will be in touch soon with our first newsletter!

Thank you for reading this letter,


       Isaac                          Afaaf                   Lili                        Noah

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