Parental Survey Feedback July 2020


How Do You Feel School Has Responded To The Covid19 Pandemic?






·            Communication has been excellent throughout the pandemic. 

·            The staff has Beaumont has been fantastic throughout the pandemic the children have been at the heart of every decisions that have been made I am really proud that my son is at Beaumont.

·            Communication has been good and strong leadership shown throughout.

·            Responded safely , proactively , caring for kids, continually planning and implementing change to the system in order to continue children’s education.

·            I love how the school has made an effort even through the pandemic to do learning online.

·            I think the level of support provided has been amazing. The school responded quickly and ensured the level of disruption to children’s learning was minimised – folders and reading books given out before lockdown.  The provision of work during lockdown has been good and love the feedback from teachers which has been prompt. Zoom classes have been welcomed by all and the children really look forward to them. Thank you for continuing to do an amazing job under very unfortunate circumstances. The teachers are a credit to the school and we feel privileged to be a part of the Beaumont family.

·            I feel that the school has been absolutely brilliant. So much work time and effort has been put in by the head, deputy and staff. I couldn’t thank the school enough for everything.

·            The teachers have been amazing and as a key worker I could not have coped without their support. The team were quick to adapt the school ensuring the children were safe,

·            Very good and effective. Zoom classes and class dojo work systems have been excellent. Continuous support from teachers and head teacher is commendable.

·            Beaumont has dealt with the pandemic very well. They had prepared for it before lockdown actually happened with packs that were given to students.


Have You Got Any Other Comments You Would Like To Raise?


·         Thank you for all your hard work especially over the last few months.

·         Thank you for all that you have done for my children this year. Miss Millington has worked hard with my son and I am really pleased with his progress. She is approachable and has listened and acted on my concerns I had.  Thanks so much Miss Millington.

·         I have several friends whose children attend other primary schools and in comparison to them, Beaumont has been outstanding particularly during the pandemic, embracing the change very efficiently and effectively. I truly believe that Beaumont has gone over and above their call of duty during such difficult times – my children have loved the online zoom sessions and all the extra support received despite lockdown.

·         Thanks to all the staff at Beaumont for an enjoyable start to the year and a supportive end in very difficult circumstances.

·         Miss Marren has been absolutely brilliant and my son was fortunate to have her in both year 4 and year 6. Her communication via Class Dojo has been spot on. She has all the excellent qualities of a teacher. I have been a parent at Beaumont since 2008 and have seen a lot of changes but the one consistent is the caring nature of Beaumont. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Beaumont. Also a shout out to Mrs Sumner, thank you for your support and humour. We will miss you Beaumont. Thank you! X

·         Miss Brindle has been a fabulous teacher this year! Thank you.

·         I feel very fortunate my children have had support from Beaumont and Miss Ruscoe.

·         School is doing an excellent job!

·         I am so pleased my children come to Beaumont. I am so thankful for all the staff especially with how they have put in so much effort in such difficult circumstances over the past few months! Thank you!

·         Please continue to be vigilant for your safety as well as our kids. We really appreciate what you do and the risk you take. You are as much heroes as front line . Stay safe.

·         As this is our last year with Beaumont, I’d like to thank all the teachers for their support and effort. Thank you also to Miss Marren who has been amazing with our son. She is a fabulous teacher! Our son has loved his Beaumont journey, it feels like  yesterday that I dropped him off for his first day in Reception.

·         Everything is perfect.

·         I feel since Mrs Postle arrival at the school it has been modernised which was long overdue.

·         My daughter has loved her time at Beaumont staff through the years have all been amazing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Beaumont in the future. We are a little sad her last year was cut short and she missed out on all the leaver activities but totally understand this was avoidable. Would be lovely if class  could meet up in September for an afternoon if rules allow.

·         I believe everything is quite uncertain at the moment but I am sure you will make us aware of any changes in September. You are doing great. Thank you.

·         Miss Sullivan, Mrs Seeds and Mrs Wilkinson have been great on Zoom. Thank you!

·         Thanks Mrs Postle, I am a very happy parent and thank you and your team for all the hard work during such unprecedented times.

·         No questions as we are confident that the school will continue to keep us informed and will endeavour to keep the children safe.

·         Thanks very much, I hope we are together again in September.